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Currently: Random Blabbering Mode

]---=============[12/31/1999]=[ apocorific

The grinding of ones and zeros in alternating patterns, passing over the landscape with huge shadows of reverberating rhythm. It's my soundtrack to Y2K! This should tide you over until Monday, or until the end of the world. Whichever comes first.

Built to Spill - Kicked It In the Sun
"It was all that you could do, how could you refuse?"

Punk rock
Millencolin - Lights Out
"All those days are gone / and I can't find the path that I should follow."

Post rock
Paul Newman - And White
Somehow the mellow ringing and counter-tracking echo the end of something that shouldn't matter.

Antonín Dvorák - Symphony No. 9 in E minor I II III IV
Couldn't decide. Movement I or movement III? Here's the whole thing if you don't have it.

Slint gets their own category
Slint - Nosferatu Man
"I can be settled down, be doing just fine - until I hear that old train, pulling down the line."

Post irony
Trans Am - City In Flames
Techno blast-o-matic riffs slimmed with incomprehensible voices.

Grind rock
Tar - Carpal Tunnel Season
"I've been decieved, and I've been between. Well, I don't know what it means, I don't care what it means. (to be)"

Wimp rock
Low - Soon
"Soon, it will be over."

Arcwelder - And Then Again
"This is a dream, this is a lie. For what it seems, why did we try? If you were here, would you get by? If you didn't see then I didn't cry."

Post Slint:
Aerial M - Lay
"Play something, something. Somehow something plays."

Note: If you just browsed the entire playlist but did not download anything due to time or bandwidth constraints, do your ears a favor and nab that last minimal Lay. It is 2.6 megabytes but 5:20 long thanks to the march of technology. Far and away the best track I discovered all year, it sums up one's swirling doubts and dreams into a simple hum.

]---=============[12/31/1999]=[ deep thoughts

Please read Thoughts at the End of a Century, by Leonard Grossman. The voice of reason and the warmth of true humanity... two things you don't usually get surfing the web.

]---=============[12/31/1999]=[ canned goods

Ars Technica Y2K Guide for Procrastinators

]---=============[12/31/1999]=[ quake

Greatest thing to happen this year in gaming. I bow at the base of the mountain John Carmack stands atop.

]---=============[12/31/1999]=[ comfort

Air mattresses. The king size variety can hold 750 pounds. *cough*

What I stumbled across at the bottom, and do not want you to miss: Space Bags!! Create "vacuum"-packed luggage in your very own home! [In the space technology front, also see Gravity Boots and the Inversion Chair. Also known as "Blood Rush" and "Return of Blood Rush".]

Mole and Rodent Repeller: Go for the picture, stay for the prose.

I had no idea I was like the winged ones in this way... seems birds are afraid of magnets.

And finally, are you getting brain-fried by microwaves?

]---=============[12/30/1999]=[ music post

I have been listening to an awful lot of Ganger lately, falling somewhere in between the great 'Gwai and Dianogah's double bass melodies and landing effortlessly into my heart. Awww.

Dig it, the band supplies itsy pieces of mp3s on their site! If you're in the US, it would do you mighty well to check out their cheap lil' Canopy EP.

]---=============[12/30/1999]=[ musical rock

Sneaking up on the disc pile are nasty noise-sludge sound canvassers Craw. Picture if David Yow did spoken word for Iceburn and started writing vague, analogy-ridden lyrics dealing with everything from religious elitism to the problems raised by genetic science. Yes, rock can make you think. You can't picture it because I can't describe it accurately.

The rather self-reflexive Rip and Read can be heard in RealAudio for a taste...

...PR designed to add shot and thermal noise to the clean signal / through the envelope detector / wait I think I've got it all / quantizing the noise / utilizing the threshold effect / here it is / the source is in obviously a deep-cover contact / canned by Carter relocated off-shore / fed a false positive to the media darling / perfect parroting the proper diversion
what we need is more man-made noise
this marks the new era
bury the signal underneath the noise

Whew. Feel enlightened about the state of mass media communication?

]---=============[12/30/1999]=[ music trials

Big Orange Crayon music revue [mp] leads to Spearmint Head, both decent indiepop resources.

]---=============[12/30/1999]=[ digging

Project Jinx Links: Did you know the "underground" now dispenses links only for Flash-capable browsers? Hating Mensa seems to be pretty safe these days.

]---=============[12/30/1999]=[ geek

Automate Windows with the WSH.

Searching for a comprehensive reference in MS's engine turns up this relatively useless WSH Object Diagram but Google digs deeper to find the real WSH reference.

Günter Born's WSH Bazaar links over to the positively crazy Win32 Scripting... visit for the decidedly odd design if I've lost you at this point.

]---=============[12/30/1999]=[ chicken whittle

Gary North: Y2K Madman [beaulijuice or something, pigdog]

Be sure to stop by the archives, where Gary warns of the exodus of us programmer folk in 1999. Yes, we should have all run for the hills. If you are reading this web page right now, that means you are too close to a PC. Flee, flee! Flee while you still have legs that know the correct date.

]---=============[12/29/1999]=[ deep end

Full screen stoves, oh boy!

Smeg.it makes... stoves too, I think. Worth visiting for the button that says "Smeg in the world" and the feedback form that says "Thank you for your attention and interest in SMEG." Okay, so I'm petty.

Kitchen or 60's space show?

Cooking station or alien autopsy bed?

Be on the lookout for high-resolution images of stovetops!

]---=============[12/27/1999]=[ ph34r

I'm back. *scary organ flourish*

]---=============[12/27/1999]=[ music

Fellow Madisonians Best Boy Electric interviewed in Signal Drench. Now with WebLog technology!

I've only seen BBE twice now. Interesting quote:

The painter Francis Bacon said something like, "If you can talk about it, why paint it." I think the same can be said for music.
Perhaps this is the distinction between popular music and experimental? Nah, too easy.

]---=============[12/27/1999]=[ 11010001

Mini bits: Commentary-free links

Noam Chomsky archive

Engraving howto

Ryko MP3

The King's English [ed and memepool]

The Mercury Theatre [metascene]

]---=============[12/27/1999]=[ music?

Super US Maple article in Copper Press pointed out thanks to TWIN's gigantic indie article log. If you think you are at all adventurous in the musical circuit, you your brain and ears a favor: pick up Talker.


Continue wasting your time in the archives, or head out to the last 50 updated pitas for fresh stuffing.

I'll get a real blog off the ground soon. Until then, thanks to the wonder-full folk of Pitas.com for hosting my old-fashioned link-list!


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