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Currently: Offline

]---=============[12/20/1999]=[ hiatus

Off to a place without the Unternet for a week. Please direct your attention to the aging carelessness, or clickety whack on the sidebar to go someplace interesting and fun.

]---=============[12/20/1999]=[ travel

Holiday preparations, oh what joy. Super 8 has online registration at least for us cheap folk. Cross links into weather.com for local forecasts! Snazzy.

]---=============[12/20/1999]=[ blab

The themed weekends will resume in 2000. Opinionation has been a bit large of a topic, with so many nuances that I want to cover... achtung, it's becoming a monster.

Also, I've been constantly messing with a full "targetted blog", but because I just plain don't care I'm going to keep posting whatever I'm browsing at the moment. That's the way these things work, right?

It would be nice to find out how many folks are liking themp3 of the week feature. If you like/hate it, fill me in. [My machine is going to be powered down for the week, so some mp3 links in the archives will fail.]

Holiday greetings from your invisible pal Fitch!

]---=============[12/20/1999]=[ previously

Last week was a real winner. Okay, not really.


Continue wasting your time in the archives, or head out to the last 50 updated pitas for fresh stuffing.

I'll get a real blog off the ground soon. Until then, thanks to the wonder-full folk of Pitas.com for hosting my old-fashioned link-list!

Dan Fitch dgfitch@yahoo.com, ICQ 363803
currently Ever the joker


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