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Currently: Unfortunate Random Mode

]---=============[12/19/1999]=[ discontinue

Xkot points out a rather unexpected article on the Hatrack. Orson Scott Card reviews everything and more! The man tells it like it is, discussing discontinued products and brand loyalty.

I know for a fact that Dean's Foods is the One True Cottage Cheese. Also, farmers cheese is definitely great fresh, but any sort of hard Jack beats it hands down. Laughing cow cheese sounds pretty scary though.

]---=============[12/19/1999]=[ legos

LeoCAD: Looks like someone finally came up with a GUI design front-end thing for Ldraw, the Lego block rendering system. [genehack]

I wasted some *ahem* time with this app, and I must say it's easier to figure out than the interface for Lego Racers. But in the video game, you get to drive your car around in 3d at fanciful locations. I shall have to attempt integrating this Leocad with POV-Ray. Choo choo!

]---=============[12/19/1999]=[ comics

John K sells out for in-cartoon marketing spots. Or does he? It's Grem-i-licious! Also, he appears to really like Ultimate Fighting. [Flash required, well worth the load time, obscenity in the Ultimate Fighting]

]---=============[12/19/1999]=[ pixel

Space invader DHTML flying around your mouse thingies [from mrpants]

Link at the bottom there leads to Prototype One, a very nifty non-functional domain splash page.

]---=============[12/19/1999]=[ meta

FactoVision on weblog ranking. [12/16/1999] I live down by th' docks in a run-down old shanty. Ah, some days we's go down to th' breakwater an' nab the dead fish off'n the rocks. My fishy! Woobawoobawooba.

]---=============[12/19/1999]=[ jazzercise

Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel is a big Coltrane buff. Getting into John Coltrane's free jazz was probably a bad idea for my checkbook, because now I feel compelled to dredge up as many of his albums as pay allows.

Speaking of which, huge new A&A review set. Stormandstress have lost the spaces and put out another album. Gear up your conversational jazz neurons!

]---=============[12/19/1999]=[ other log

Mr. Colburn gave Rc3.org Daily a redesign that blows me away. Plus, it's one of those rare blogs with Lynx-able content. Slickness.

]---=============[12/19/1999]=[ lintpicking

OpenSRS eh? Maybe I should hold off on the domain purchases for a bit then, considering the obvious is already taken. Roar.

I like fallinbacon or baconium best. Then maybe completely useless words like disrend and runhewn. Of course, if I want to be all "down and out" like the cool kids, wallow is still free. Or, how about wallog! For the commercial impulses, firstborn.com might come in handy: market your child capacities online! For those of you planning to start up one of those goofy metalog systems -- logarithm or logrhythm would be just grand for a log tracking site.

]---=============[12/19/1999]=[ photo

Still borkin' about on the camera issue. Megapixel is a nice digicam magazine site.

]---=============[12/18/1999]=[ not blue and grey

Camera envy: Ralph the Elf Finds a Job is quality Christmas-time fun. [thanks for makin' me smile Lilly and Landon]

]---=============[12/18/1999]=[ over and under hype

Andy Lives.org [via wtwd] messes with your mind, Kaufman-style.

]---=============[12/18/1999]=[ op culture

"Got Milk presents: Britney Spears live in concert!" What. The. Dickens. Here's a Milk Ads Collection Site. Are people really this impressed with advertising? Why, God, why? [read the whole FAQ, tis charming]

Umm... Got Alice?

]---=============[12/18/1999]=[ arg

Rude "greedy gearhead" article in Sharky Extreme.

]---=============[12/18/1999]=[ games

Thresh finally got around to reviewing Quake 3. I'm not sure, do we add or subtract points for using "peristalsis" in a game review?

]---=============[12/18/1999]=[ useless itself

It's time for a round of useless or absurd hits on stupid queries:
Google?I miss you [absurd]
Google?inevitable possibility [useless]
Google?resist and learn defy [absurd]
Google?pardon me [useless]
Google?passive self defense [absurd]
Google?measuring+guilt+capacity [useless]

]---=============[12/17/1999]=[ confusion

Bored at work -> surfing reflogs -> newswire: Boy George nearly killed by glitter ball-paper.

Eh? So someone was looking at the wire and thought, "Hmm. Boy George. I'd better check out what that Apathy freak is up to!" I dun't get it.

]---=============[12/16/1999]=[ oopsie

Silly me. No usual mega-linkery today.

I leave you with this question:

Are you a member of the Trans Am tribe? If you want to end the 1990s with the band who brought you Surrender the Night and Futureworld [not the car freaks] I suggest you call up the Empty Bottle in Chicago.

Unfortunately, I can't go because I am:

a.) A dork
b.) Underage
c.) Forced to work at 9am on 01/01/2000
d.) YES

]---=============[12/16/1999]=[ rock over london

Haha! Wesley Willis is another good example of juxtaposition, possibly most famous for "Rock n' Roll McDonalds". From the homepage: "Wesley's sole mission in life is to rock the hell out of you." Here's an interview with the fellow, and a more interstitial conversation. [be warned, profanity surrounding Wesley, he is just that way]

So far, over the past three years, I wrote at least 2000 songs. But elsewhere I'm doing well anyway.
At least I'm prolific just like Dr. Frankenstein. At least I'm doin' well just like Frankenberger. At least I'm gonna do it well like f---ing Dr. Know. I'm gonna keep busy like Dr. Kuh-No.

A highly entertaining schizophrenic performer who has entire albums based on the Technics KN-2000 keyboard's "country rock 8" preset. Plus him singing in his... unique style. Wesley wraps up each nutso song with a blurted corporate slogan. Shaun has one of his American records. [American seems to have disowned him since.] At the end of "Against the Law" where he details crimes he may have committed and you shouldn't, out bursts "Allstate: YOU'RE IN GOOD HANDS!!!" Bwahaha.

Browse the big man's discography at CDnow -- this confusing link may or may not link you to his work. Plus, a live recording in Real®, with a fan's introduction. I agree, definitely stick around until the obscenely funny "Michael Jackson" [10 minutes in if you're impatient].

Tagged some mp3 action for the curious. Note the identical synth preset in these tracks; yes, every Willis tune breaks it down like that. Rock over London, rock on Chicago... Wheaties, Breakfast of Champions!
Wesley Willis - Sister Machine Gun.mp3
Wesley Willis - I Whupped Batman's Ass.mp3

Note: There are other, less crazy old talks on that interview site. Check out Ian MacKaye, M. Doughty, and Radiohead [just Ed] for starters.

]---=============[12/16/1999]=[ stolen header

Monstro discusses plagiarism and the web. I wish this was an easy issue, but it's not. Fortunately it's not a problem either way for lame me. [as mentioned, killer redesign Lane! I die!]

]---=============[12/16/1999]=[ TMIKTLIU

Canonical Abbreviation/Acronym List might come in handy if people confuse you in email-talk. [browse-o-tron is breaking it down]

]---=============[12/16/1999]=[ games

Gamespot goes "behind the scenes" of id's hit game Quake 3 Arena. Hit game with me anyway. Quality read, with pitchers... is it me, or does Graeme Devine look a bit like Weird Al?

Carmack walked through the snow 3 miles to work for Softdisk back in the day. Gimme a break, that was Louisiana. This is Wisconsin... rrrrr, me tough! Don't miss the "Carmack's Crystal Ball" section if you're a gamer, though.

]---=============[12/16/1999]=[ board games

Toddled off looking for an approximate comparison of the complexity of Go as compared to chess. Even though Go's play seems more straightforward on the surface, HAKMEM [of course] shows that there are around 10170 positions as compared to the measly 1040 of chess.

]---=============[12/15/1999]=[ giddy

Several things made me grin with glee today.

Final Fight Stratego is back! Go try it once, then read Old Man Murray's news post on the subject. [definitely funnier if you've played the arcade or SNES game]

Mary had a little pita, and there was high-quality laughter all about. You may not want to open her Frozen Feline link at work; I was browsing over lunch the other day and everyone around me was justly startled. Then, I went back tonight and laffed till I fell off the chair.

Mudge up your monitor. [britain did the archive-diggery on this one]

And Dianogah double-bass rumble-rockers extra-ordinaire deigned to select the song title I posted, "Time for a Game of Stick" for a song on their next album. Heheh. Rawk!

Don't miss their Band Name Exchange which replaced the song title board... looks like it needs submissions. Also, if you want sound files you should bug 'em. Worth tracking down their discography if you take a hankering to easy-going bass work and very little vocal emphasis.

]---=============[12/15/1999]=[ suckas never play me

Lots of mindwaves pouring into juxtaposition lately. The prime musical example is Gunderphonic. Highly magnetic to lawsuits, the ECC didn't just throw this together. Check the first track at least, if you don't have much bandwidth. Herb Alpert + Public Enemy in a strangely catchy match made in some sort of utopia. [gunderphonic pointer from cardhouse some time yon]

One mainstream musician taking advantage of this sort of method (legally) is Ol' Dirty Bastard. Weird if you think about it...

]---=============[12/15/1999]=[ e=what?

Explain relativity, four letters or less. A fine conversationally styled work that manages to almost seem natural, although as Steve mentions it might have been easier using one-syllable words instead of a letter limitation. I would have called Newton "Zac" instead of "Izzy", but bonus points for Al's quote: "Feh. Read this and weep." [nowthis]

]---=============[12/15/1999]=[ go twim

This Week in Math covers Go this week. We should all know the complexities of Go; there's a lot of symbolism in there.

Plus it's fun, silly.

]---=============[12/15/1999]=[ comics

Lindsay asks why he's not seen Journey to the West, a computer-aided cartoon edging into Zen territory. Why haven't I seen this either? By gar! This is an excellent piece of work. Thanks to those Riveticated Bifurbs.

]---=============[12/15/1999]=[ blab

Silkworm's emotional Fleetwood Mac cover is hilarious.

]---=============[12/14/1999]=[ screen

Really Slick Screensavers for Windows and a 3d accelerator card. These are the coolest I've found around for swell physics animation. He has got a motating field lines display and more, but the highlight is Flux, a varying animated strange attractor. Tweaked! [Shareware, no nags. Buy it if you use it. Blah dee blah.]

]---=============[12/14/1999]=[ slog

Wanted the slog.org domain, but I guess the Societą di Ostetricia e Ginecologia deserves it.

]---=============[12/14/1999]=[ bluegrass

Guitar mastery: JohnFahey.com Woo doggy, the man is cah-razy. Here is an excellent Wire article on the mystery man.

For shame, a non-functional label domain for Revenant Records. They couldn't even be troubled to code a link.

]---=============[12/14/1999]=[ zornish

John Zorn stuff stumbled upon:
One crazy album.
Klezmerific free jazz.
Check out the discussion on the webboard after the review! Egad.
Spy vs Spy is hardcore jazz. I need this record.

]---=============[12/14/1999]=[ blab

Now you have a choice, dear reader.
Go back to last week's archive or keep reading my inane ranting. [98% Link-Free®]

Run for the hills! I'm going to to cover semi-current events, which I usually avoid like the plague. I take severe issue with the current Time cover story [warning: annoying ad popups], "The Columbine Tapes".

First off, it's sensationalism at its worst. Break it, put it to rest. One has to wonder how much Time ended up paying for the "exclusive look at the evidence". Seemingly, it's only what the kids wanted anyway. The paper article has far more grating shove-it-in-your-face layout and pictures, if you need further nauseation.

Secondly, it rubs me the wrong way (as any subjective article will, for some quantity of readership).

"It's easy now to see the signs: how a video-game joystick turned Harris into a better marksman..."

Bull. Debunk a myth, don't throw it back at the masses. Computer games have not taught me to be any better at shooting a gun. I am a monster with the railgun in Quake 3, but it's a game. Aim with a mouse, shoot with a button. Never have I fired a weapon. Playing video games way too much has just made me a dork, it hasn't given me better skills at real warfare.


"He calls [the shotgun] Arlene, after a favorite character in the gory Doom video games and books that he likes so much."

False. Why did they stick such a useless, babbling fact in the second paragraph? News: Doom is also a game. The game has no such "Arlene". I played through it. Couple times, in fact. It doesn't really have a plot, much less names for people. The statement is half-true at best, if this Arlene is from the books... which have to be the worst published writing this decade has seen. Snore.

Bloody mass media. falsetto: What difference between games and reality?

[sorry for the sharp, annoying blast of non-links, you might be able to tell I care about this issue... me likey games]

If you've read this far, just thought I would let you know that my sidebar is completely out of control now, and randomized by a Perl program from a base set of links. Still working on coercing it into "preferring" certain links, and categorizing them. Actually stores descriptions too, but I'm not sure I want to load down this page with them. And oh yeah, vim r00lz: macros and digraphs in full force.


Continue wasting your time in the archives, or head out to the last 50 updated pitas for fresh stuffing.

I'll get a real blog off the ground soon. Until then, thanks to the wonder-full folk of Pitas.com for hosting my old-fashioned link-list!

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