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The process begins in earnest. Web Oriented Database [via flutterby] or Mason? Although I used Mason in the past and liked it's ASP-ish embedding features, I think WODa's hash storage mechanism will suit my database features with less bad relational assumptions on my part. It stores data in flat text files, which should make it easy as I motate between *NIX and Win32 often.


Beebo, I like this meme collector. I do not like the popularity contest at all, though.

Hold up, more neat-o stuff at the root. Samuel Pepys's journal! Hilariousity. Smackerels for reading enjoyment, too.


Life seems so much simpler when one immediate deadline passes, even though the others loom high on the horizon. Why go on about this? I need to organize. Personal data assistants are all the rage, and a clunky 486 laptop doesn't quite cut it any more.

So what site do you turn to for cross-the-board PDA commentary and news? Certainly hope it's not
HairyPalm.com. Would you trust this site with your daughter?

Back to the Open directory category, which lists PDA Buzz, PDA Groove, and the PDA Page, but not PDA Street [which looks commercial.]

PDA Buzz looks good for researching the options this weekend, and PDA Page should be handy for actual orders.

If anyone is a palmtop user, please give me a buzz and let me know if I'm missing any übernet.resources.


Warning: Chunky update today, very jumpy. I'm keeping some of this burst in reserve, because I did not get a chance to research the Opinionation weekend topic. So, instead of a coherent update that stays static over the weekend, you get more babble this week.


Old school: I stumbled across Justin Hall's links.net after reading the thought-provoking Vonnegutted piece. And hey, he's one of the folks behind GX enterprises who do Thresh's Firingsquad as well as the all-new Gamers.com.

The man with the plan has some nice gaming links. Starflight [!!] baby! Those two games kicked major booty, back in the days of floppies. The starmap brings back ancient memories of bringing it along to school and studying the layout. I don't think I ever conquered that 720k universe!

Another site I visited a while back is connected to links.net, Underdogs old game festivities has tons of old game mini-reviews, and you can even download a lot of them. Silpheed and Thexder 1&2 at the top, golden oldies in my book.


Road rage: Products Developed by Judgement will help! Use their AutoCam to avoid road rage, for the low low price of $399.00. I need one for when I'm walking around town, and I will mount it on my head. Alternately, you can pay a tenth of the cost for a fake plastic camera with a red light like they have on school buses these days. The site offers pictures of road rage, but unfortunately their fake plastic cameras have been unable to capture any.

Scroll down the page a bit and you might find some other helpful stuff, like the wrist-mounted pepper spray launcher or the featured "food recipes" link.


Speech anxiety: Learn how to talk. I have to deliver a speech today, but I hope I don't need professional speech contractor help.


Navel-scooping: Blink's Link Wizard Javascript trick is pretty nifty. I made my Weblogs bookmark folder public, and it's shared through this page on my home machine. You could put that HTML anywhere!

While on the blog tip, I'll wrap up with a bunch of stolen stuff that I think deserves attention.

The Whore of Mensa [looka]
I've not been given a proper introduction to Woody Allen's humour. Good stuff.

Gigantic RealMedia archive of Robotech, etc. [memepool]
Oh my. The only thing that even approached my Lego fixation as a kid was huge robot cartoons and toys.

Stream an mp3 over HTTP [saturn]
Good to have a wide pipe for this.

Has Anybody Here Seen My Corpse? [rc3]
This probably won't make much sense to you normal non-Everquest freaks, I'm posting it for the benefit of Clint, if he's paying attention. "We're in the banjo spawning ground!" Bwahaha.


3x2 mini music reviews:

  • The Dismemberment Plan - Emergency and I:
    Jammed in ears. Album of year.
  • Papa M - Live From a Shark Cage:
    Pajo, my hero. Evolving guitar minimalism.
  • Gomez - Liquid Skin:
    Quirky bluesrock Brits. Subpar first listen.
  • Promise Ring - Very Emergency:
    Upbeat jumping jacks. Lose the ballads.
  • Red Stars Theory - But Sleep Came Slowly:
    Fuzzily shifting canvas. Off-key, breathless rock.

Real update tomorrow, honest; I lost tonight's base text so I have to dig it out of cache next time.


Almost breaking my sacred oath, some of today's update could be construed as news.


I am even happier than usual, thanks to this goofy pair of multimedia links. First, Radiskull has been popping up all over the place, and I find it funnier each time I watch. "Just for fun! One by one!" Second, Buddyhead hosts a video of Jonah from FAR, whipping out a cover of Jawbox's Savory with R2D2.


Willing to Try? You should be. [thanks inconsistent]


Weird: Rotate 180 degrees, and it's still American. Mirror it on the vertical axis, and it's no longer patriotic.


Memepool reprint: Scifi publisher Baen puts books on the web, for a measly subscription fee. This is too slick; they even have some sample chapters available. I might be hooked.


Stolen: ZDNet explains why DSL might get cheaper.


Back in time: Salon article by Tim O'Reilly [first on ars]
Tim makes an excellent comparison of the recent OS monopoly ruling back to the '96 NT Workstation/Server fiasco. And, just to decrease the amount of supposed secrecy about it, I must promote: APACHE RULZ!!


I admit it. I've only read one Greg Egan story in print. However, following from Greg Egan's excellent Worthless [Grouse, Boiledbrains], I find his masterful home page.

I like the simplicity, and the Java applets are absolutely stunning. He has several of his shorts posted, and if you dig around, for certain stories he has custom super-neato applets to give a picture of the math involved. Math is cool, and fiction that uses it without becoming trite deserves a gold star!


Game geekery: Playstation/console development article on Gamasutra, from RW and elsewhere. The fact that they used an optimized partial assembly LISP engine to maintain top-level game action code is really neat. It is therefore surprising to find out that they didn't adapt a listener for in-place editing during design until the third and final game! Having a direct window into the LISP-space is part of what makes developing in the language tolerable.


I want CANDY! -- Wait, no... I want ICE CREAM!!


Must... link... this: Friend Bear, thanks to Jared@Entropy. Pokey-style goodness, but not quite as far out there. The author seems to be prolific, as the latest cartoon changed already from when I saw it earlier today.


Those of you who know me solely from my blog do not know I am a skinny nerd. Stick-like, and tall. I require pants of the measurements 30-38. These measurements usually make pant-salesmen-and-women snicker in amazement, or maybe they're not laughing with me.

In a futile attempt to avoid embarrassment, I decided to try taking the eternal struggle of buying pants to the web.

Lands End has a nice site, and they manufacture locally so I was going to try them first. No luck, but close: 30-36.

What does GoogleScout have to say about competition? The first two hits make sense, but it goes rapidly downhill from there. I mean, the seventh hit is already down to French designer lingerie, which is handy and all except I'm already stocked on that. Tee hee. Joke.

More toil brings me to a nice big n' tall portal. However, all these sites suffer from the same problem as brick-and-mortar big-and-tall stores: one must be big AND tall. I'm tall, but I don't want to fit a clone inside my pants. Usually.

My pa was going on about how cowboy pants are good and long because they have to go over yer cowboy boots. I think I would get beaten in the streets if I actually wore these purdy duds. Those aren't what he was talking about of course; he meant stuff like Wrangler jeans.

Everyone knows I'm all about the popular country music as much as the next jeans-wearer, but I was really jazzed to find out they have inseams up to 44 with waist sizes down to 28!

Unfortunately, Wrangler is behind the times and isn't E-nabled to sell cowboy jeans via the web. This weekend when I checked their Store Location Device, it returned no results for Madison. So I tried Chicago. Still no hits. I figured, okay, so maybe they only have distributors listed out in the wild west. Nothing. Now it's fixed of course, so cowboy jeans will be mine someday!

Meta: That was more like a meaningless journal entry than a meaningless blog entry. Hmm, frightening.


This weekend, I did a bit on defunct rock, but now I am back... with a vengeance!!


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