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Net media: Digging through the Dr. Dobbs netcast archives, it seems they recently did an interview with Larry Wall, creator of Perl. Very interesting interview; I recommend it if you use Perl, are a Perl hater, or even if you program at all.

Also interesting if you're feeling geeky: Ian Jacobs of the W3C (covers IE5), Tim Bray on XML, and Pat Flanigan thinks building a distributed supercomputer with NT and DCOM is a good idea.


Having spent at least an entire week wading through Microsoft's support base, this choice Frontpage 2000 excerpt from Mike Gunderloy's blog is wrenching.

Note to self, and others: His asp now allows very easy linking to permanent, excerpted items. I was going to try to do it like Steve Bogart's NowThis, recently "back" from hiatus briefly. Now I'm not sure if I want to archive by "page" or by "item". I am pretty sure I should kill all the "quotes".


More fawning over Godspeed You Black Emporer... in the form of another rare mp3. Apparently, Sunshine and Gasoline.mp3 [7.5 megs] appeared on a split 7" with Fly Pan Am for the French Canadian bi-lingual zine Amazezine. You will probably notice that this is an extended percussion-less version of a familiar string chord progression.

Moving along down the train tracks: The All-Music Guide (which doesn't allow inner linking) says that Fly Pan Am is rather like Godspeed and Sackville. It's not surprising then, that GYBE borrowed FPA's guitarist for their recent EP and tour. However, his main project is still the Pan Am, and they've got a brandy-new full length lurking out there somewhere.

That Sackville page with the non-visible navigation map is somewhat annoying. However, they have two mp3s posted; only one worked for me: Sackville - Messenger.mp3. Sounds like the western desert guitar parts of Godspeed, with the folk influences of Palace and the Dirty Three. I would almost describe it as folk country... gasp! Good stuff, honest.

All these bands are from Eastern Canada. They've all got releases out on the Constellation label. And I will continue to blabber about them until you check them out!


Contrary to popular belief, Jason del Rock has not suffered a fate worse than death. If you're lucky, he might actually have more than the picture updated by the time you read this!


Tappity tap, any Godspeed fans out there?

If you read the transcript page closely, it's noted that BBF's "poem" is actually an almost direct rip of an Iron Maiden song called Virus, which I was unable to track down an MP3 for.

But yes, it looks like that's where it came from.

Iron Maiden or no, the final lines "The rats in the cellar / You know who you are / Or do you? / Watching the beginnings of social decay..." are powerful when backed by the swellings of GYBE!


The Magic Inkwell Comic Strip Theatre often leans to the banal, intentionally corny, and sappy in its atmosphere. However, sifting the archives turns up some gems that appeal to me. Defining comic - Xerox in the computer age - Writer's block

Intentionally serious cartoons are an odd beast.


Other than this useless ramble, no real updates today. Polish off what I posted this week, and clickety clack on the left to go somewhere neat.

Ramble: I started thinking (there's a bad joke, followed by a swift badoom-CHANG in here somewhere)... how about a collabolog? Picture it: the page is neatly divided into two columns. Each side represents an author. When one side posts a link and a small blurb about it, the other writer has the opportunity to add commentary on their side of the page. Has this been done in a direct fashion? All sorts of bantering, helping, and arguing about interesting topics float through the blog breeze, but never in a direct log-like format. I think it would be a blast!

Of course, that's just the two-author permutation. How could it be broken into a multi-author blog and still allow the unique, personal voices to maintain continuity?

Note: Assembled management necessary to machine the four (4) bright zinc applications attaches using cams. Note: The numbers in parenthesis refer to prevent wobble. Note: We recommend hand held fastener inserting if available for ease of power driver. Note: A Phillips wire glides adjusted over. Note: The arrow is pending (8). Note: End.


Turns out, I missed a Sarge earlier today. Nick points out Ron Lim's Sarge comix. Thanks Nick! I'll definitely be reading the archives.


New Pokey. This service brought to you by the painfully slow reboot process of NT.


So, what kind of hardware would I need to put together a full VR system? Always wanted to assemble molecules in my very own living room.


Viewer mail: Jared writes re: my Sarge crack...

"They open for virtually every touring band that comes through here. I kinda liked em at first, but now I'm just absolutely sick of them. I can't put my finger on exactly what it is about them, but something just seems a little sinister and out of place."

Sounds like time for an in-depth investigation to me! Are they aliens sent to lull us into hating them whilst milking the system for cash, a secret government plot to insert subtle annoyances into our minds, or both?

Well anyway, this bit consists of crazy stuff found while seeking a Sarge page I could pick on.

We have Sarge, the billiards master, detailing how to amaze your friends with pool. His closing, "Keep stroking!" should frighten you.

Just be sure to keep the Cubs away from liquid fuels, sarge. Search down for "Sarge", and read the outline for a... joke? I'm confused.

A nifty system activity reporter graphing program, written in Perl using GD. The graphs are probably only nifty if you love GD like I do.

To prove that I did hit some military pages, just how much do you like this page? HOW MUCH, SOLDIER?? Don't make me whip out the outdoor fitness or the hilarity!

Oh, how sweet it would be if Beavis and Sarge was actually with the band.

Sarge's COWBOY SHOOTIN Link Page - Not quite as offensive as John Freeman's Sarge Comix.

Holy weirdness, it's Doggie Heaven on the web. Are you trying to tell me all these people are serious? That music could take down a full grown human, no wonder all their pets are dying.

Reminder that I still need a multitool or pocket knife. No, I won't call it Sarge. My knives are all named George.

The Empty Directory Project needs some love. So does Sergeant Mark Hull. Attempting to figure out if this is a joke; they make him describe his body style?! Scroll down for some seksi pikz.

Better wrap this up. Here's the Sarge I was looking for, or rather seksi pikz of the singer looking all cutesy and emo. Aww. I'll admit it. I own their album. Liked it a little for a while, even. But it slowly rotted, and I still haven't figured out why.


New Aiding and Abetting reviews.


MP3 time!

  • The Stavesacre has a new album out soon, and they happen to have a track posted for download. It's not as loud and rocking as expected, but it sure is catchy! Keep Waiting.mp3
  • Floundering in my search for bands giving away mp3s on their sites, I fell back on Epitonic to try out some new music. And link to some of the old, of course. Here's one of the late, great Boys Life tracks: Fire Engine Red.mp3
  • For those without prior Shiner experience, check out their offering on Epitonic: Pearle.mp3. Still, not even a whisper about their new album being shopped around. They are playing a Chicago show at the Empty Bottle on the 18th of November, with starting-to-get-annoying Sarge.
  • As one of the bastard children of Brass Knuckles for Tough Guys is playing Chicago this weekend, I see fit to point at the Brass: Winter 200 M.P.H.mp3, Nude Boy Dorothy
  • It appears Hoover got back together to record an LP. Good track, same atonal vocals and boiling bass: Weeds.mp3
  • Those of you who don't like all this loud stuff can start paying attention again. I stumbled on a few interesting mellower bands in my perusal, most notably Starometska. Basically just two guitars at counterpoint, they take a different tack than fellows Ativin in that gimmick; no drums, no atmosphere. Map of Nerves.mp3, Of Passion Accurst.mp3, Thiefcatcher.mp3
  • Wrapping things together in a comfortable knot, Songs: Ohia drops in a few folky runes a la Palace. Despite the odd title, Captain Badass.mp3 is a laid-back minor key adventure through toe-tapping. If you only have the bandwidth to grab one track, get that! Not to slag on How to be Perfect Men.mp3, which is also excellent. This is the magic of trial mp3s, oh great record distributors: I will be purchasing that CD. [a&a review]


    I got the HM TJ desk. I must say, big thanks to T. Herman Zweibel for inventing high-quality reinforced Particle-Board. Piled 150 pounds or so on it, and it doesn't even bend. Unfortunately, I can't link directly to the desk, due to the really strange combination of frames and Javascript at hmhome.com. Yuk.


    Out there: Trolling the reflogs, I find Sikkema.net's weblog. I will have to assume that's the title, as my meager knowledge of Dutch can't quite grok this. Being a big fan of mistranslated phonetic text, here goes:

    De weblog Apathy heeft echt een prachtige weblogindex aan de linkerzijde van de pagina, eenvoudig en erg origineel.

    The weblog has itself a proctor's weblog index on the left side of the page, but while original it lacks many links, is confusing, and always looks the same when I come back to it.

    If the little :-> smileys are any indication, they've got a good sense of humor. Our learning game makes reading fun!


    Passing another topic around: Mike's blog. [thanks Genehack]

    Every link is quality (some of them I had on the addlist), but the link of all links is the Flexagon Page... hoo boy, on those long vacations driving cross-country, these things kept me busy. If you've never seen a *flexagon at work, the swell Java simulation of a hexahexaflexagon should get your brain rumbling. Thinking about the theory will still keep me busy; those state diagrams are an excellent way of looking at the strip.

    "It's a multidimensional Möbius loop; don't fall in!" Sometimes I have to laugh at myself for remembering the dorkiest things from childhood.


    Memepool reprint, since it's relevant to this weekend's game coverage: The 1999 Nethack Tournament! I am sure to be wasting time on this, in between pretending to get other things done.


    This old Evolution of Man disproved thing is interesting reading, if only for the sake of testing my dulled logical nerves. Scroll down to (find) Nietzsche in the text.

    Now, I am not sure why Friedrich got dragged into this part of the discussion [other than his arguments against Christianity], but describing his life's work as the platitude "might makes right" is baloney. It only adds to the confusion when the essayist attempts to blame WWII on Nietzsche. Anyone who follows the timeline of writing notices that Nietzsche specifically attacks Wagner and the growing line of thought. Here's an interesting way of gathering relevant quotes: it functions like a brief summary of some subjects covered in his works.

    Now for some fun, I've gathered the Ruben Bolling God-Man strips into one place. The one I'm laughing at right now is, of course, God-Man and Nietzsche-Lad.


    I feel sick, but this makes me happy. There will be a Brak Show on Cartoon Network, premiering sometime soon.

    Oh yes, a very awesome radio interview, with sound clips. He... um... "sings" a snippet of Bohemian Rhapsody. How's his lovelife? At least he's got goals.


    Morning correction to below: it's not just sleepy-time music.


    Sleepy time: Godspeed You Black Emperor - Hung Over as the Queen in Maida Vale.mp3 [17-some megs]
    (site has transcriptions of the monologues, including Maida Vale)


    Personal reminder: Try to figure out how the heck to display a table header in HTML/CSS such that it is always visible on the page when you scroll down. Frames not allowed.


    It being a new month, I purchased me some new-fangled tunes. I will now incur boils upon you by mini-reviewing these suckas!

    • The Flying Luttenbachers - Destroy All Music
      Ken Vandermark makes happy for his last stint, with a band that seems to be trying to evoke death metal without much electricity and a few sax-o-phonics. Instead, this album flails its way into some form of jazz. I already like it better than Gods of Chaos; more disjointed, but less painful.
      Note: Not associated with Destroy All Music.com
      Note Zwei: Hey, look over there! MP3s!
    • My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
      I'll spare you the drooling review. I needed it on CD for walking back and forth to work.
    • American Football
      Merely good pop indie hoo-hah. Dithering showers of guitar, happily simple bass, and drums swapped back and forth for trumpet. Live show was fairly swell too.
    • Polvo - Celebrate the Dark Age & Cor-Crane Secret
      I will smash two reviews into one with my bare hands: CRAZY!!
    • Calexico - Spoke
      Fantastic desert/folk/spagwestern/the usual from these guys. Not quite their masterpiece, but I still can't pick a bad track. Eine Desert-Rock-Ballade mit wunderschönem Glockenspiel, indeed.

    Please let me know if this new segment annoys you, and I promise to stop.


    Now that I've spent the duration of the weekend frightening people with my ASCII games, it's back to you and me, pal. Let us get this pathetic pita-powered machine motoring down the path of obscurity once more!


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