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In the ongoing search for a Roadside Monument page to replace the long-gone roadside.simplenet.com, I stumbled across a very messed up discography that lists J Robbins as the producer of ...Current Taste, Velour100's Fall Sounds album, and fails completely to mention the working man's theme album, Eight Hours Away from Becoming a Man. Don't believe everything you read.

A thread on the wonderful, interview-filled Held Like Sound messageboard states that Jawbox did it better first! What?

By complete random coincidence, a link on that board takes me to Copper Press announcing a Neutrino show. Plus, Special Goodness... isn't that one of the Weezer side projects? If you're going to be in the Chicago area November 5th, go see this show and make me jealous. That means you, Clinto! I clicked again. On the 6th, you can see Hero of a Hundred Fights and Land Speed Record. Hero is from Wisconsin, kids, and boy does their album rumble.

If you a.) live nowhere near the Windy City or b.) think math rock is disgusting, at least check out the art on the Copper Press zine. Moving full circle, they have a bit on J Robbins and Burning Airlines. No hard content in Copper Press, though, just a few pictures and overly heavy prose. Ungh.

So Copper Press doesn't have their whole zine online. Big deal. Held Like Sound does, so go read the easily consumed articles in Issue #5.


Dang. This is what I was trying to find when that Doom process manager rolled around: cDc's #200 by ye olde Swamp Ratté.

Real multitasking! Hundreds... even thousands of processes all running simultaneously in a non-stop BATTLE to the DEATH! The eventual winner burns itself into an EPROM and REIGNS FOREVER!!
AUTOMATIC DISEASE SIMULATION! Every week, BS/2 will create a new VIRUS to PLAGUE your valuable files! Each new virus is MORE POWERFUL than the last! Don't slack off... with BS/2, DOOM lurks around EVERY CORNER!

For a 1992 hacker parody, it sure has aged well.


Halloween at the Vilas Zoo... "it'll scare the 'yell' out of you!" Especially since that last picture has no obvious explanation. "Hold on while I shove a bunch of this candy into the kid. Okay; there we go. In a few seconds, the sugar should make frizzyhair... AHA!" I, for one, am disappointed there are no baboons dressed up as Darth Maul and Jar-Jar.

Found this through the nicely simple City of Madison site, which in turn came from the about.com list of Madison links.

Interesting only to me: the Madison municipal code is served up in SiteDirector. They stuck with the default look, instead of impaling themselves on the altar of Bad Pseudo-HTML Customization like I did.


Glub glub glub: More links return from the deep. Again, I probably stole these from you, so please do not eat me.

Dig the Vortex, or be sucked into the void!
The Heinous Sin [via bf]
"Underground" Web Hype Marketing Quest
Grammatron: It's not quite Grammatrain
The Onion: Ask a Chatroom
Wotsit's Formats - Fun with file types


Tee hee! Alamut lists the blog behaviours... I'm all about #7 and #8, maybe a bit of #1 in there too I suppose.

Speaking of linking, perhaps the new URL will be easier to remember and/or type: http://apathy.pitas.com/
Hooray for King Pita!


Imagine that; Random House reviews the common etymology of shibboleth, and finds it a bit difficult to nail down.
Funny: Not one, but two Village Voice writers completely bungle the usage.


Re-surfacing: Some of the pre-Blink bookmarks in a big batch of mini-headlines. As I had no annotation mechanism, I don't know where I got most of these. If you want to claim them as your long-lost meme, please go right ahead. I certainly don't want to be feeding them.

Brad: The Game - Crazy "I hope it's fictional" hypertext
Henry Flynt - Strangely disconnected philosophy archive
Crappy Poetry - Horrible verse daily
The Hero Santon - Masterful postmodern comic
Weird Wisconsin - UW-Marathon ghosts? Been there [via pcjm]
Will Hertes Prank Letters - McSweeneysish parody
LUGnet - Everyone in Legos!
$2.99 Wax Necessities - Tim Midgett reviews cheap

If that list doesn't have anything remotely interesting to you, I have failed.


Instant Pokey, just add democracy: Dada Pokey
The best of Dada Pokey contains a couple gems, like Political Saboteur Pokey and Master of Deceit. [via memepool]

Fun Pokey game: Type in the text of a particular dialogue into Google, and use the "I'm feeling lucky" button to get directed to a related page. Exercise: Use deconstructionist theory to relate the page to the referenced comic.

Okay, don't do that. "THAT SOUNDS LIKE FUN JUST BE CAREFUL ABOUT IT" (link to maypole episode if POKEY SEARCH was up) goes to some pr0n portal.


Spent too much time playing Freespace 2 this weekend. To steal a line from Homer, "Nine thumbs up!"
The interesting part: Squad Wars pits team against team of space fighters in a space-duel, for SUPREMACY OF THE GALAXY! Sounds like good clean fun, I'll try it and get back to you.


Incoming this Friday, a very old friend returns: ASCII games.
Strategy: weird non-news eclectic junk noise on the weekdays, and chewy strawberry-flavored large focused updates on diverse topics for the weekends.


People like my side links. Or at least, they think I am weird enough to link to. I'm working on my Perl script-o-rama that generated that, because I did a lot of the sorting by hand.

Thanks to the the blogs I've caught:

  • Dave at Ye Olde Scripting News - I woke up Saturday, happened to click the stats, and thought I had been Slashdotted (in comparison to my usual numbers, this kind link dropped a lot of visitors in my lap.)
  • Jason del Kottke - My hero of customization, more than anyone else his site makes me want to sit down for a week-long Perl/vi/Gimp session and crank out a page that knocks 'em dead. If only I wasn't so brainless.
  • Strange Brew - much better than coffee, that stuff is awful. Hee hee.
  • Brig at the swell Eaton - and sorry milady, but I'm probably one of those stupid idiots that filled in bad categories for your portal post.

It's also a fun list for word association. Notice how I got Cam across from his bro, and completely by accident some horizontal rows have meaning: "monosyllabic rock", "raster scribble", "linux geek suck", "bump newsfeed" (okay, so that only has meaning for me... ask me to tell the Newsfeed Epic someday.)


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The ender result o' fall blythelei blatcherig hasmat sommafrond for seledential. Belie nauw, yusaae you leifbe noaught.

(when not busily procrastinating)

  • eCabinets [gack] for UT courts
  • Work on atize.pl so adding links to the sidebar doesn't kill chunks of my brain
  • Whip up a non-C Cloverleaf interpreter [stupid grin]
  • Design the site around XML, allow for multiple output schemes, dual-column approach mayhap? Blarblarblar.
  • Debate with self about doing reviews until I forget about them
  • Review of Blink
  • Review of Freespace2
  • Review of Everglide

Listening to:
(oh I feel eclectric)

  • Walt Mink - El Producto (Overgrown!)
  • David Grubbs - The Thicket
  • Dismemberment Plan - Is Terrified
  • Roadside Monument - Beside This Brief Hexagonal
  • You Fantastic! - Homesickness
  • Tristeza - Spine and Sensory
  • Built to Spill - Perfect From Now On
  • Starflyer 59 - The Fashion Focus
  • J.S. Bach - Musical Offering
  • Treepeople - Guilt, Regret, Embarrassment
  • Skankin' Pickle - Fever!
  • Calexico - The Black Light
  • Unwound - Challenge for a Civilized Society

Reading stack:

  • Samuel Beckett - Endgame
  • Franz Kafka - The Trial, on loop
  • Shawn Wallace - Programming Web Graphics (O'Reilly monkey book)
  • C.S. Lewis - Till We Have Faces
  • Neal Stephenson - Cryptonomicon, again
  • Franz Kafka - Everyman's Library: Collected Stories

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