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Sunday, June 25, 2000
03:00 a.m.


Wielding the axe of righteousness

Shaun got two chameleons that are now sitting in the living room. Rad pets, really, really, really slick.

I'm sure you've seen movies in school or on the Discovery Channel of them eating. Didja know their tongues are as long as 150% of their body length?

Chamaeleontidae dmoz entry for easy continued clickclacking

HOORAY, I bought a bass from the Packaging Professor and now I can pretend I know how to jam!

Harmony Central Bass has most of the links and software.

ActiveBass lessons, exercises, theory, etc.

Wheat's BassBook is more linear.

My Buzz still isn't realtime processing, but using WahPRO, Delay, and Phaser I created a nice mishmash of crap to mess around with space-age noises on. ROCK

Reading fun journals, trying to write one maybe, it'll be lame, but here are some funny things. Oddly, both contain very few capitol letters. So don't go if'n yer scairt of ALL LOWERCASE all lowercase.

Joe Harvey and "Hey, Mayor McCheese!" from proven

"and now, the conclusion of i told you it wasn't a rash--starring joe harvey as the ineffectual ointment."

30 chocolate-covered expresso beans, lightbulbs, and my dream van from nictate

"what is the meaning of life? glad you asked. ok, well...finding distractions. that's my answer. trying to find distractions is the meaning of life. life is what happens to you while you're being distracted. isn't that the lennon quote? or was it the lenin quote?"

Sample of my diary:

Tonight I went down to the other side of town, to a place called the Casbah. In Madison, the Casbah is where Turkish customs hide. They have fruit flavoured tobacco in a hookah, which made me feel like a cool opium addict or whatever. It tasted less like smoke and more like apricots clogging my lungs.

Then we went and had pie at Nick's, "Home of Good Food". Yes, that's really their slogan. Mmm, blueberry pie and fresh vanilla ice cream. It was a good night, even though we walked approximately 18.3 miles. I likes me the pie.

OggSquish is an open signal processing and multimedia development sphere, or something.

Ogg Vorbis beta is out for Linux, Windows, and Be. Time to try this open mp3 alternative out - apparently, the only missing piece is streaming.

Creating your own takes command line knowledge, but it can convert from mp3 or wave. Try it out. It's slow going at high bitrates, but try encoding your wav file directly to ogg. Then, blind test against an equal bitrate mp3 and the original recording. Also, be sure to "ogglame --preset help" for handy quality settings.

Vorbis FAQ - color me impressed

Yeah, and while I'm on the topic of color [what?] it looks like time for some drawing tutorial links again for Monday.

"And the reason to make people hate the federal government is, it has a defect. It's not that the government isn't bad, but the things that they're worried about are not what's bad; what they're worried about is what's good. The government has a defect; namely, it's potentially influencable by the population. Now, private corporations don't have that defect. They're pure tyrannies..."

 - Noam Chomsky, Selling the Capitalist Story
   [listen to Capital Rules dangit]

Saturday, June 24, 2000
2:00 a.m.


Stop picking on my face
  - it hurts my Fitch

David Bagshaw submits Pocketfuel's Sound Gallery which is really quite good, for the price of you filling in boxes with snow.

I've been mainly borking around with rhythm of late. Not just in Buzz... see Stomper for phat 909 beats, and Little Drummer Boy. While not realtime, it has a neat visual grid display and uses color tones to denote volume. Interesting. There's a library of sounds and loops for both programs, and it's quick because any definition that uses the stock types downloads almost instantaneously.

Visuals: This Italian Kanak fellow has been posting lots of his stuff to the eu-gene list. It's excellent.

Fractal Warez [not actually warez]

Punk Rock Anarchist Junky Spiders

Hey waitaminnit, I wanna Neutral Milk Hotel t-shirt.

[Go to Toast, the comic that hates you, for more. I saw it first on thee Openlog pita.]

Also see ?, an anti-comic which is not an anticomic. The archives are chewy. I pick some.

Imagine yourself in some mercury.

"If my machine works it will make Fabio taste like butter!"

Special 200th Comic Animated Strip! [Flash]

Professor Ashfield thought he had rid himself of the bear in Cairo when he sold it to a wandering band of Gypsys. But the bear won't stop until Professor Ashfield is dead.

Kafkaesque? WRONG! [holy crap, it looks like a segue -- oops]

Jack Letourneau von Eigengrau filled me in on Encounter: Franz Kafka. As he mentions on his log, it's "a good place to start if you've never read any Kafka."

My favorite part of the article: "He is supposed to have laughed out loud hysterically for an hour or so after having read The Trial to his friends."

Howdy Homie! In that line, this page doesn't seem to be working. Oh wait. The point of these sites is pretty much dumb if you be using Netscape.

Sheldon Pacotti wrote the dialog for Deus Ex.

Since it's multidirectional, and there are many computer textual interactions within the game, there's a whole lotta script.

Aussie Gamer interview with Sheldon reveals that Austin Grossman who wrote for the original System Shock helped out on the script as well. Of course, the main game designer [Warren Spector] was also on the original Shock team.

Speedy 3D additional interview

He believes in electronic text. Do you think it sucks?

Demiurge being the book, it looks like he has worthwhile ideas about a free-copying society. Two chapters online.

Khodoki is a good little story from his "Slower Than Pynchon" shorts. It's based in Russia and puts an interesting twist on rocket people literature.

This time, I really am gonna learn PHP, by gum. Bookmark toxic dumping ground caffeine oh jeez it's already 2 in the morning time.

PHPBuilder, esp. custom session handlers and dynamic pages with search engines in mind, good overview of PHP4/Zend by one of the creators

phpWizard, esp. phpMyAdmin for MySQL tables

px code exchange

Heard in a review meeting, quoting a user who shall remain unnamed:

Q: "How do I get to the print preview screen?"
A: "Choose 'Print Preview'."

-- an hour passes --

   "I'm in the print preview and I can't get out!"

Wait, I thought that was it but my stomach wants to add something.

bnlaurble bluoaurble bLOURRLLjAA OouuEggoEo GEAAJ BLouOWOUB HAVE A NICE WEEKEND WRrBrwr baallaa bbwrrwaable bwlluourt bip

Friday, June 23, 2000
12:00 a.m.


Rash on my soul
  - with chimps and tea

Hate when that happens.

Yeah, hi. Bizarroing! [more]

Dread Zeppelin [Flash, sound, haha] IUMA Live event?

A reggae combo playing Led Zeppelin with Elvis as lead singer.

That they've been around for a decade proves they're not just novelty. I especially like the songs which go back and forth between Led Zep and Elvis tunes, like Heartbreaker which segues to Heartbreak Hotel. Excellent fun. Much better than it sounds, honestly. It's so dense and odd I'm not sure I can take much more than a few tracks at a time.

"Robert Plant himself, lead vocalist of Led Zeppelin, admitted that he preferred Dread Zep's version of "Your Time Is Gonna Come" to the original."

Haha, their version is awesome. Messed up. Ya might be able to catch some newer audio on Broadcast.com

This next bit may be disgusting if you didn't see it yet. Don't go if yr squeamish or just done eating.

Wired News streaming mp3 phone interview with Mahlon Smith [chief researcher at stinkymeat]

Good stuff. Including discussion of some lady who thinks she saw the Virgin Mary in Day 9 or Day 10. Also, turns out some of the motivation was due to the fact that his neighbor wore a big cowboy hat.

Why are you not reading Skeptinews?!?

Quickly approaching the end of Bovine's picture minimalism days.

A small parody

Verse medial dactyl

[thought pattern: so who clicked which?]

"The state, the church, the weight,
            the death, the mind, the cut
 What's the verb behind it all?
 The how, the why, the where the when, the who
 Can these words find the truth?"

 Minutemen - "The World According to Nouns"

Thursday, June 22, 2000
01:30 a.m.


Sarcasm is for honey-dipped weenies
  - D Fitch

Dunno if you recall, but Jabber was going around a while ago as an IM alternative in development. It groups together some of the major players in one system, and has an open client-server structure. Well, they finally have servers and clients available for many OSes.

Jabber Central is where you go to try a client. It's all open source, so it only costs time to try. I highly recommend it! Great for accessing from multiple boxen.

Heeeey kids! Gamedealer has a $10 off offer going on. GDSALE is the keyword for your checkout, good through Friday. I'm gonna buy me some Thief 2 AND some Deus Ex after yesterday's evaluation. Their ASP shopping code is leaking memory right now, though.

So, Deus Ex actually has plot, with all the good parts of interface, excitement, and character development. It's set in a world quickly becoming post-human, and you are a special operative who is mostly nano-robotic machine. I am down with that. There are many ways to get the job done, and what you do has actual consequence. For example: get caught hacking into your partner's email and there'll be trouble. Hee hee. It's like Thief in some ways [a sneak game] in that you can avoid confrontation if you're really, really shifty.

Jeff, being a co-worker, introduced me to Roger Manning [his 3rd CD]... and it strikes! This might fall under the "antifolk" moniker, but I'm going to tag it as punk folk. Guthrie-esque lyrics, half-hardcore instrumentation on an overly loud acoustic guitar. Rock!

Haha, he played with John Hall from King Missile on a tour.

Download Recordings has some live Roger Manning RealVideo here. It's okay [bad sound through Real = crap], but there's a lot of other stuff at the main music video index. Some of the media is small, let's see what's good.

Big names:
DJ Shadow [High Noon video]
Jonathan Richman
The Mommyheads

No time to check any more out today, blew it all playin' games.

Palm IX Hits Retail Stores

Zannah pointed this out first. I think.

I laffed and laffed, but you may not find it funny. I especially liked the "Using infrared technology..." picture. I should add: Parodies or falsehoods which add at the end that they are just joking are wimps. Stand up and misdirect.

Seen on the kiddie TV, Cartoon Network had an advertisement which included the "fake" URL monkeylove.com. It's been registered, but not used. Get to work.

"Kevin awakes without his clothes
 Found what he's looking for
 Checks in the mirror for his face
 Turning to close the door

 Sets the alarm for quarter of
 Turning it off instead"

 Shiner - "Kevin is Gone"

Wednesday, June 21, 2000
1:00 a.m.


A lesson in black and white
  - D Fitch

These days, I have ignored Word Komix due to highly annoying ad structure, because I trust Cardhouse to point the good ones out.

Kupperman: Snake 'n' Bacon Meet Robot Grampa

[Snake 'n' Bacon original -- what, you didn't see this??]

Wednesday, June 21, 2000
12:00 a.m.


Benevolent Rule of Thumb
  - D Fitch

Well, there's a veritable avalanche of things today so I thought I should index them for further reference. Of course, still readable linearly.

Hello, I like to play computer games a little too much

Low: The well-named indie rock band

Interactive fiction, etc.


The rest of the junk

I had even more bits, but this is the top of the barrel. This is still an incredibly looong day. Had fun!

The "I'm a Computer Game Freak" Section

Salon: Looking Glass retrospective/postmortem is a must read for game playing peeps. It reminds me I should check out Thief 2. Looking Glass made the only games ever made that sucked me directly into the plot.

I read it first on the Palm, and noted that all you get is the main point -- the text. Imagine that. No ads, no noisy sidebars. And none of the inline links. Drat, nothing's perfect.

PVP Thief retrospective, which I would recommend 'cept for the Jar Jar joke. Ugh. Won't make sense if you haven't played.

Which of these will waste my winding-down time:

Deus Ex [Flash] -- 139mb demo

Thief II -- 131mb demo

Vampire: Redemption -- no demo -- and wait, I know, it sounds dumb, but you have to give the Storyteller multiplayer concept a chance. I've heard good things on that. On the other hand, the single player mode is supposedly linear crap. Hmm. It's selling like hotcakes, should I trust the public? HAHAHA stupid question.

Have I mentioned that I love broadband to death lately? Huge demos are fun.

Nobody asked. But just how bad am I at dueling in TFC? Very bad. Oh so bad. I will never win.

The Low Section

Alan Sparhawk's background info for Low songs, looks complete! Takes some of the mystery away, but worthwhile.

over the ocean - written on the bass, waiting for zak to join the band (he had to move from oakland). i was really sick and could only hit a few notes, one being the high "iiiiii'm". not many songs out there that use the word "dell" - perhaps a tribute to southern wisconsin.

born by the wires - studies show that people who live under major power lines become "addicted" to them. one take - didn't know what we were going to end up with.

Huh. Neet. If anyone reading this [before July 2000] lives near NYC, you should check 'em out. They might be touring around again this fall. A worthy show, believe you me.

I remember Rocketgirl. Mostly, I remember them releasing a tribute to Spacemen 3 upon which Low plays "Lord, Can You Hear Me?" And I remember them playing it live. Still stuck. In the head. My brain requires that song to feed. Had this happen before?

Looks like I'll have to mailorder rgirl2 across the pond finally.

Subliminal Violence is releasing a Low tribute. They promise an open mp3 archive. It's happening this fall; I'll re-mind then.

The Interactive Fiction Section

Pilot Frotz

Frotz is a fairly generic interactive fiction interpreter. I did not give it a fair shake in the ASCII games, but I really love it. You can play Zork and many, many other games Of course, lots of games fall under the "interactive fiction" header -- not all text.

Two textual favorites: Zork 1, HHGG

Two graphic favorites: Full Throttle, Grim Fandango [both absolute Lucasarts classics]

Remember HHGG Java at the end of ASCII games? No, of course not. Well, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Java applet has moved. Checkit, but beware. You might get sucked in.

Playable Java Colossal Cave, the original in text adventures. From Online Interactive Fiction... plenty more where that came from.

Interactive Fiction Playground has more Java applet interpretations. Not working in IE5 right now, but Netscape is okay.

Semi-related: Lots of etexts for a little cash, need to work on a Bibliomania snarfer. [Windows version of wget]

TODO: Doc Toolkit for creating etexts

The Spidergoat Follow-up Section

Why Skeptinews rules, case #39.

"[Nexia's] goal: to create a herd of goats that will produce spider's silk in their milk." Sounds like a wonderific fragmentastic combinalicous geneticool idea.

Nexia's page

Biosteel details [the spider silk from goats]

"Nexia's technology relies on the anatomical similarities between the spider silk gland and animal's mammary glands."

BELE goats, Breed Early Lactate Early [heheh]

The Other Crap Section

Now that's one epic search and seizure page. Poppa Sterby's links page provides centralized data mining - in funky colors!


Fact: There are 290 original Iron Chef episodes. Much catching up to do! I, seeing the Pants preview, sincerely hope that Bobby Flay gets his knife handed to him edge-first.

Stupid technology terms: It's not really an intranet if we can get to it, silly.

Rusting website [javascript, wide bandwidth]

"These walls are paper thin,
             and everyone hears every little sound
 Everyone's a voyeur as they're watchin' me 
                                watch them watch me right now
 They're shakin' hands, they're shakin' in their shoes,
             oh Lord don't shake me down
 Everyone wants two of them
             and half of everyone else moves around
 It's been agreed, the whole world stinks
             so no-one's takin' showers any more"

             Modest Mouse - "Paper Thin Walls"

Tuesday, June 20, 2000
1:66 a.m.


Your fingertips are my glowing green eyes
  - D

Begin joke:

Q. How do you kill a blue duck?
A. Shoot it with a blue shotgun.
Q. How do you kill a pink duck?
A. Twist its trunk until it turns blue,
  and shoot it with a blue shotgun.

My Palm Vx has arrived, and I have to archive one last spate of links dealing with this. One night and it's pretty much configured. Now to see how organized I get. Hah.

FictionWise supplies scifi/f shorts via micropayment. I checked it out for quick reading material on the Palm, but you can also nab Acrobat PDFs of the stories.

The Gadgeteer reviews fun toys quite often, rather like Street Tech.

Alternate Graffiti strokes [popups] on Lars Lindberg's Palm page [frames]

Probably going to end up buying Listmaker, since it supports trees of checkbox values and such.

Palm Gear Tips and Tricks, FAQ -- some useful, some incredibly inane. Did you know you can stick a stylus in that HOLE on the CRADLE? No way!

TealPoint Palm Art with multiple pages that I missed the first time through, see the sidebar.

Pocket Pig, part of the Dumbrella network, also has Palm drawings.

Palm Underground [/. for palm]

Daggerware Hackmaster

Gamers Beware: Bungie has been assimilated and Halo may only appear for the Xbox. Bah. Let's get some guest opinion on that:

"This news doesn't quite sit right for me and I kinda feel bit sick. Yuck. I should have killed Bill Gates when I was in Seattle."

      - Takashi "T" Yoshida, the friendly silencer now back in the Far East

Monday, June 19, 2000
01:21 a.m.


I can't even keep my mouth open that long
  - D Fitch

Last week with junk on the weekend, and now I bring you silly queries 2. If anything, it's an interesting way to surf upside-down.

dmoz: Samples and Loops

Javascript abounds, in order of usefulness:

Samples for Trackers [cdrom.com index]
Hakachukai's Audio Samples
Loophole samples

Subway underground breakbeatz

esp. Buzz's mp3s, anyone who samples from Quake3 and makes a rockin' song: excellent.

Took me a while, but I finally did done checked out the Kul Teng Funk Overdose. It's denser and more distorted than I espected. Thumbs up.



"Hey what's your name?
 Do you feel the same...
                 way too?
                   Siphon fuel
                    Don't make a sound,
           And most of all
 Don't let me down.
                             - Fugazi, "No Surprise"
 It comes as no surprise
 We're destabilized."