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Sunday, June 18, 2000
02:25 a.m.


I wish the world was less concerned about continuity
  - D Fitch

Song Fight!

Leon's Random Generators found on the ever-increasing Narbotic

Next bit contains stupid humor. Used to this by now?

Terribly, terrifyingly funny to me right now from yesterday's Pet Detective site: Darnell "Grape Nuts" Johnson [disgusting laffs]

Kraft's Post's [heh] Grape Nuts page contains the reason, but sounds oddly off.

"This unique, naturally sweet cereal was created in 1897 by C.W. Post who named it GRAPE-NUTS: "Grape" because it contained maltose, which C.W. called "grape sugar" and "Nuts" because of its flavor."

Later: "POST GRAPE-NUTS is great with milk or straight out of the box."

What? I like pebbles straight out of the ground, too.

My Pal God Records now has full online ordering, which is becoming a must for small indie labels I guess. [MP3s at Epitonic are mostly excellent, note that they are adding many things always.]

A Minor Forest 2x cd comp [make you think]
Paul Newman's latest [in the mp3 serv]
Hurl Package Deal [nabbing this]

But hey waitammmminnut kiiads, whut happened to Dianogah? Ahh, they're on Southern and the record shop still doesn't have it? I'm going to have to yell.

They're touring with Don Caballero OFDSH#(@RY(@#* (%(*@# 234827634 ok so how do I get to Chicago on the 14th or 15th of July? [mostly West Coast shows, lucky saps]

Palm crap, because yes, I am a dork and bought one

ZDnet [gasp] guide to downloading and installing Palm software looks decent, if idiot-level.

Sammy's portal
PawGo portal minimal
Smaller commerce portal
Handango commerce portal [Palm software]


Comprehensive dmoz entry [yaya!]
Palm Pilot Archives
Palm Gear [decent organization, but Cold Fusion URLs = yuck]
AvantGo [obviously]
Palmring: games, hacks
Only4Palm [ughly tables]


Leon's Random Lyrics Generator [and more, 'specially comix]

Saturday, June 17, 2000
02:32 a.m.


Expose and consume, baby
  - D "blah blah blah" Fitch

Things to Do This Weekend

This is a list which is likely to bore you. Have you played in the green fields of the Compendium yet? If not, give that a go, enjoy yourself, and skip the rest of my babbling.

Buzz [get ASIO driver beta working], find a better song listing, listen to Lego Compo [Flash] songs

Investigate Richard's Line6 POD suggestion

Google cached copy of the now-defunct Rotorkopf Buzz tutorial

Twitch's new Apple ][ style I'd been missing -- gettin' back down wit th' funk

Twernt's eponymous Ask Twernt

Subterr's find Ulysses in Hypermedia [holy wow kids] rather like Jorn's variety, tx Toadex Hobogrammathon

Geegaw's Notes from the Underground

Fix the portal, organize

Caterina is reading Gravity's Rainbow. How would I go about finding a hardcover version? Margins, anyone? I can't read much of anything else since.

Cold and ugly, harsh humor. The recommended Weisenburger companion guide is in the mail, along with more Pynchon, some Peter Willard suggestions, and some Dostoevsky.

Back on the Toadex. Here is a quick exposition of my explorations in "What's the frequency, Kenneth?" [Knowing beforehand it had something to do with Dan Rather getting beaten down, and the phrase came from his attacker(s).]

Non sequitur prose, useless Compendium nest

Emacs blasphemy

The REM song

Okay, enough of that; here's the "real" reason.

Yahoo! News: Dan Rather Identifies Attacker [same story on Showbiz]

"When he mugged Rather, [William Tager] apparently was demanding the frequency used to transmit hostile messages he was convinced the news media were beaming into his head."

Long, "1994 Virgin Internet" style conspiracy article, read that! From The [original] Pet Detective: Life's Mysteries Solved, which is a more than interesting site. Weekend fun for you and me.

Even More Dan Rather conspiracy

"Why did Rather lie about his whereabouts at the time of the assassination?"

"But what if Rather really does know the frequency? ... Dan Rather was spawned Halloween day, 1931, in Wharton, Texas."

Haha, spawned.

Western Homes: Modest Mouse - The Moon And Antarctica

Last warning: Turn back now, or read dry linkless crappe of me drooling all over the new Modest Mouse CD which I actually HAVE in my HANDS... As he says himself, the best reviews are the ones you disagree with, but bring up new points that didn't occur previously.

I'm of the persuasion that Modest Mouse has always been adding strange things to their songs. Although Lonesome Crowded West is a masterfully stark work, if you listen closely, there are quite a few oddities. There's the same over-seriousness that I interpret as self-deprecating humor in all Modest Mouse songs.

The ethereal, other-world seeming production? I dig. More strings? Great, since they're especially integral to songs like "Life Like Weeds". The contrast between juicy strings, carefully strung together effects, and the absolute coldness of the lyrics; it makes beautiful, shifting, confusing music.

Modest Mouse is moving along at a rapid clip toward complete disillusionment. It makes for a grand soundtrack to life. In my stupid opinion, this major-label major-production money record beats their past efforts. A concise primer to the lonely anxiety of the crashing times; I've reached the last song, and the mood is tearing me up.

"On the first page in the book of blue, it read:
        'If you read this page then
             that'll be your death.'
 By then it was too light
         and he wound up on an island
         of shells and bones their bodies had left.

 And one thing you can tell about human beings is this:
 They ain't made of nothin' but water and shit.

 Modest Mouse - What People Are Made Of

Friday, June 16, 2000
01:06 a.m.


Sung: "I've got a colon:"
  - D Fitch

Richard of the Smeat sez there's a Quicktime video of YNRNRF on KillRockStars. [also: mp3]

Oddly, I missed the link to Sleater-Kinney's label on my run through the dmoz entry. Where is it? Oh yeah, right there at the top, with a star next to it. *SMAK*

The Cunning Pikes [ASCII]

I dare you to read the entire list and still maintain a meaning for the words "cunning" and "pike". Cunning Pike Pole Vaulting, Pike Cunningly Disguised as a Cunning Pike, usw.

Cow Emitting Hand Lotion

That's the sort of important thing I bring to the attention of my coworkers.

Hatelife: Drew has an all-new entry, with links, and sound, and oh my. YEaaaAAaaRGH! Read it if you like:

  • A. Ninjas
  • B. ASCII Scares
  • C. Scary coworker stories

Notnewshonest: Headline looking for a spare zero

There's going to be a whole lot of DIY, DSP, sound filtering, crazy beat links going on when I get the bass I bought from andy. The starting point? Buzz. Remember chip music? Well, picture that general idea with a networkable effects hierarchy and tons of ways to get sound started.

Musician's Tech Central looks like a fiiine resource. More later.

        Oh, the next move is mine
 I knew this chance   would come in time
       Weaving its way into my mind
              mortal reaches

            Galactic Cowboys - "Red Sun"

Thursday, June 15, 2000
02:02 a.m.


Sure looks funny with that Band-Aid on the lip
  - D Fitch

People, people. Way before Courtney Love did the math, Steve Albini broke it down. There's some new stuff that Courtney covers, and even if you think she's annoying -- check it. Seriously. She quotes from Snow Crash, for cryin' out loud. If she wrote this, color me impressed.

"I also know how many times I have heard a song on the radio that I loved only to buy the record and have the album be a piece of crap. If you're afraid of your own filler then I bet you're afraid of Napster. I'm afraid of Napster because I think the major label cartel will get to them before I do."
Support your local [and otherwise] independant labels!

This article has reminded me. I need to hear that new Sleater Kinney record.

You're No Rock n' Roll Fun video, in Practically Useless RealMedia

Prindle Record Reviews with an interesting Reader Comments feature. Bad example:
damn, polvo rocks!!!

Check 'em if you likes the rock.

His main point about Polvo is right on target: they wrote pop songs that hadn't been written yet. I'm singing along in bendy falsetto harmonies to th' guitars.

Speaking of which: Polvo Tab on Geocities. I'm thinking some indie log may have linked this [maybe even me], but it's hilarious. Check it out.

For future viewing, some reprints:

I Can't Stop Thinking - Scott McCloud's upcoming column

ZX26 super crazy font zone

After testing the waters for a week, I also jump in the pool and recommend Dave's Web of Lies. It'll brighten your day, I'm sure of it!*

Pallbearer's Blues going through my head. Where am I? [popup upon departure]

"Any contrafactual is necessarily a human invention." - Toadex Hobogrammathon

* Not a lie

Wednesday, June 14, 2000
01:35 a.m.


Has the microwave popcorn composed itself yet?
  - D Fitch

If you only have time for one thing today, I found "The Bunny Song" sounds: RealMedia / WAV

[from Ultimate Sound Archive, which was up and down as I posted this; bookmark it and try later if it's still bouncing.]

Hmm, also funny: Larry-Boy's Crime-Fighting Academy [sound], assuming crime tips from a masked cucumber are more palatable than tips from a dog.

National Gallery of Art - Tour the Collection [fully searchable!]

Tour: Dutch Landscapes and Seascapes of the 1600s

Particularly nice: Aert van der Neer - Moonlit Landscape with Bridge

Triumph of the Baroque - Architecture in Europe 1600 - 1750 hypertext tour. !

Abbey Church of St. Gall [model]

Text I read today. Links to pertinent things included, might actually have a point this time. Experimenting as always. [Links obviously not in the originals.]

Things on Bibliomania I need to read: Might be interesting to cover Silvie and Bruno in a weekly TextLog format. Hmm. I need me a domain. I'd rather not do it all wrong and stuff, so I'm going to wait and see how the Geegaw experiment works out. I am hyped to learn about Dostoevsky's Notes from the Underground, and you should be too.

Tuesday, June 13, 2000
02:46 a.m.


Experimenting on one's own leg
  - D Fitch

As you'll soon see, I drank far too much Dew today. It has made me very punchy, and I could swear I can hear things clearer now. Here is a long string of words which you might try to read.

From: Dave Harris
Subject: um loven's the goat

"here's one on goat decoration..."

The Royal Welch Fusiliers

"Every goat has a silver headplate identifying him as a gift of the Sovereign. The goat of The 1st Battalion also wears a silver chain and shield around his neck,presented by the Mayor of Lichfield in 1904. Goat's wear no other decoration,although,traditionally,their horns are guilded. The Goat is in the care of a soldier with the honorary title of Goat Major."
?!????! ???????? This looks like a huge hoax to me, but then, it's silly enough to be real. ?! ?? @? ? ?? ?? ?%@%??% #@

PX: PHP Code Exchange

Might be handy if I ever start in on PHP again.

His Postmodern Analysis of the Beastie Boys' "Shadrach", is silly. I don't think I need to elaborate.

Since his lyrics link is busted, try here: Paul's Boutique: Lyrics
"Not how you play the game but it's how you win it
 I cheat and steal and sin and I'm a cynic
 For those about to rock we salute you"

"Vicious circle of reality since the day you were born..."
Beastie Boys - "Shadrach" music video fragment [quicktime streaming, awful sound quality]

I find it hard to believe there's not a full-length version of this readily available on the net.

So I go searching for "shadrach+video" and I find this next gem.

Video Reviews - Episode 4 - Rack, Shack, and Benny

"The music is great, but 'The Bunny Song', which Rack, Shack, and Benny stood against is not good. You should tell your kids not to sing this song because it says things that are wrong."

The Bunny Song!!!!
"I don't want no health food when it's time to feed
 A big bag o' bunnies is all that I need!
 I don't want no buddies to come out and play
 I'll sit on my sofa, eat bunnies all day.

 I won't go to church! And I won't go to school!
 That stuff is for sissies, but bunnies are cool!"

"The Dance of the Cucumber" [Larry is the cucumber]
Larry: "Pobre tomate."
Bob: "Poor tomato."

Larry: "El deberia poder cantar"
Bob: "He wishes he could sing"

Larry: "fuerte y dulce como el pepino"
Bob: "strong and sweet like the cucumber"


Larry: "Bob is really angry!
        I hope he doesn't catch me!
        It's so hard to run with this sombrero on my head!"
HAHAHAA, oh man! Why didn't I pay attention when people told me this is funny?

So Veggie Tales is apparently a Christian teaching video set, starring a bunch of vegetables. I think my sister was carrying around a beanbag Larry the Cucumber. Yup. My sis is a Marine. Funny stuff.

Woo! Here we go.

gmtPlus9 found Jesus Freak Hideout: Veggie Tales a while back; it has lots of video.

Veggie Tales Audio Clips and Silly Songs that you know I'm going to have to check out later because it's way late now.

#include related.h

While back, I was looking for a sound collage experiment that I think went by the name of Sonic Flood. But I found this: Sonic Flood Worship Music Praise Reviews

"God was really working through these these people in creating an album for people to worship."

All the better to hear you with, my dear. I went to see The Gloria Record and Camden [popups] in Milwaukee tonight on short notice. Both were very good emo, much better live than on record.

Camden at mp3.com

Useless rant ahead: Unfortunately, they were literally spaced out with a duo calling themselves National Skyline. I'm going to need to elaborate, I hadn't heard of this before. It appears to involve Jeff Dimpsey from Hum, Jim Minor from Compound Red, and Jeff Garber from Castor. However, on tour is just Minor and Garber plus some annoying taped work. Oh, did I mention they had their own stage lighting, disco ball, and strobe lights? How punk rock is that? Not very.

Monday, June 12, 2000
03:01 a.m.


Jangle jangle jangle, hear those peanuts jangle
  - D Fitch

News of a sort:

The mt mp3 trading post which silently replaced my inline mp3 links some time ago... is back with a vengeance! [more songs, more space -- the IP has changed, hopefully was not cached]

As I state on the page, please contact me if you'd like an account on the server. dgfitch@yahoo.com

Related fact: the portal is all out of date, wrong, und so weiter. Things like Soundesign are missing.

[Preface: Nikolai of Fairvue is a s00pr-design master.]

Blog.elements makes this page thorium.

Did you know thorium is often used as a coating for tungsten wire used in high-end electronic equipment? You can guess where this is going.

Yogi's Periodic Table entry has a nice shell model picture. I was wondering.

Only one entry in the Periodic Table of Comic Books.

The Role of Thorium in Nuclear Energy


Cafe Thorium [radioanalytical facility]

Apollo Gamma-ray Spectrometer: Thorium [cool spectrums of thorium abundance on the moon]

Atlas for Thorium-Argon Spectra [not as neat spectrographs]

Thorium-Argon Echellogram [Echelle spectrograph]

Ratio of Potassium to Thorium over Alaskan Topography [wow!]

CD Recordable FAQ - Section 6 - Software

In lieu of real content or work [and due to the fact that it is now three in the morning], I will do something quite a few folks do. My playlist for discs I will be jamming this month:

  • Sigur Rós - Agætis Byrjun

Sunday, June 11, 2000
04:37 a.m.


Powers of 1
  - D Fitch

Yet again, settle in for the results of a dorky all-night session.

"Your search has ended! The 'X-Terminator' Mantis Shrimp Trap is here."

By now, everyone who wants to read the Onion does, right? Oh well. Top article in a while; no need to block out a quote, you get the idea:

Ant Farm Teaches Children About Toil, Death


Smithsonian Revealing Things

Yuppie Slayer:
ASCII Archive

Everywhere, no idea who found it originally:
Behind Enemy Lines: A Spammer's Luck Runs Out

Abuddhas Memes:
Virtual Topographies: Smooth and Striated Cyberspace

Modest Mouse official site [Flash]

Now on to the original content:
Yet Another Segment of Bad Hypertext Prose

He's supporting the slave sewing petition. Even though all the side effects and civilian deaths have been plastered all over the news, he's signing it.

As the metal shape turns into a white dot into the horizon, his thoughts drift. What would that house look like if it was on fire? Just joking with myself, he thinks. Fiddling with something in his pocket, he has the blank stare of the converted.

She's standing on the corner, preaching loudly through some sort of amplification. "We mustn't fall this last time, in this last sector. It is the sin of complacence!" Her shoulders shrink down into the shape of the sagging corn biscuits baked last night.

Reaching down with her plasticized torso manipulator, she picks up the speaker. Intentionally allowing energy to drain from her. Standing, turning.

A foot-wide solid blue plastic band bursts into her head, and his head, simultaneously. It doesn't seem to need ambient light. The melting metal turns their bodies into piles of mercuric sludge on the sidewalk.

Jumping up with a cheer, the man two blocks away with a rifle of some sort hi-fives a cohort and yells, "Take that, you bastards!" [or some similar cliché]

The house bursts into flame. The speaker buzzes, almost silent. But you can hear it over the crackling.

One of those deserves a more pithy description: Hirshhorn Sculpture Gardens digital imaging project

Official Slowdive discography. Definitely going to be checking into Pygmalion since Souvlaki is so enjoyable; more for the sweeping instrumentation than the lyrical whimpering. Now I certainly have to also hear Mojave 3, since I've ignored them in the past.

Radio Politika [frames, strange HTML] out of Belgrade, Yugoslavia has strikingly good music content, even though it is quite old. I suggest you move your mouse over "Audio" and click the appearing text.

They be laughin' at ya while you're crawlin' on your knees
And to the strength so go the length
Thinkin' you are first when you really are tenth
You better wake up and smell the real flavor
'Cause 911 is a fake life saver


SO GET UP - aGIT   GIT git down!

Public Enemy - 911 is a Joke
Whatever happened to Flavor Flav, anyway? We got Chuck D out fighting for Napster in one strange battle; I guess Flav is just staying out of the public eye.

A coworker did not think I was a Public Enemy fan. Well really, I dig it, but the Gunderphonic remixes I dig even more. Check 'em out for your music fix if you missed it the first time around, direct links:

Rebel Without a Pause (Whipped Cream Mix) mp3 [2.0 mb]

By the Time I Get To Arizona mp3 [1.8 mb]

When someone like Doctah Chess says the last few days have been good, terror strikes my fingers since I don't want to muss up the streak! [silly cross-log aside: I still need me a digicam too]

At least I had fun in the previous week or so.