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Friday, June 9, 2000
07:38 a.m.


Scratching your back with a silver fork
- D Fitch

Settle in, you're not going to make it through this one.

Pete's Compendium of Knowledge

Wait, what are you doing? There's a reason I'm leading off with this. You must GO THERE!

Well worth exploring, but you should definitely check out the Underneath. For guidance, you might use the Shelf which has ratings.

Big reason to be excited? The Nests are an awful lot like my old subversion, as is the main idea! The active nests right now seem to universally include silly sing-song passages. Go!

It's quite juvenile at points, might be offensive at others; but can you see the massive potential? It's like a constrained, semi-directed metababy, but I think these are some of the right constraints.

My picks:

Impressions of a Fortran Programming Course
"There is a second mind behind the face."

French Movie - a play

Mickey Spillane's First Book of Fairy Tales

I started it, you finish.

Eight Hours Away From Being a Man on sale for $3.00. This is my favorite noise-rock album. I think I'll buy another copy as the current one is all scratched.

Deserving of the word 'cool':
Dr. Daw's Illustrated Complete Summary of Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow [intensely graphic splash page, sound]

Jolt Experiences and Testimonials


And here I expected just a page packed full of exclamation points.

Caffeine: How it works [oversimplified, seeking a better source]

Here we are, the Caffeine FAQ - much better, with sources.

Nuclear magnetic resonance scan of Mountain Dew, water peak at 4.8 ppm removed.

Diet Mountain Dew addiction: an abomination

Reading some Carroll again. Using my semi-reference page, no less.

Hmm. I think I'll save the rest of this for a day I can't find anything.

What's great for a snack, And fits on your back, It's Log, Log, Log!

It's Log, Log It's big, it's heavy It's wood! It's Log, Log It's better than bad It's good!

Ren and Stimpy - Log Song

Thursday, June 8, 2000
01:54 a.m.


- D Fitch

How many times do I have to prove myself stupid in one day? I made at least a dozen fatal mistakes. Well, not fatal. I do so hope I'm learning. Let this be an apology to any suffering under my cloud of beefheaded-ness.

Games to play:

Swarm - Neat Sinistar style shoot-em-up game for Windows, downloadable demo.

Ground Control - Hectic real-time strategy in 3D, works very well. Demo also.

Speaking of hectic, how about Kurt...
MDK2 - The sequel to a real third-person game; you should get this if you're a gamer, try the demo if you have a 3d card.

The best part of MDK2, besides the colossal old-school boss battles, has to be near the beginning. Dr. Hawkins is being taught how to combine objects by the computer, so he can invent things. Put the toaster and a loaf of bread together, and out shoots a steaming piece of toast. The good doctor sounds completely astounded: "Why, I've made toast! Deee-licious!"


Wednesday, June 7, 2000
02:09 a.m.


The even numbers are conspiring against me
- D Fitch

Gracelessly stolen from the Cardhouse:
Kupperman - Sherlock Holmes and His Friends

It's in style to pick on Mark Twain. AYYY!

And now, a Tribute to Nothing in Particular.

Round the corners, all is well when sudden breaks between the cars divide. The colons: tighten, releasing and trapping young lungs. Why the obsession obsessive with contradiction contradictive? I am a wire, vibrating: with fury and force, with sand and spice, the royal segments burnt, stomped, and destroyed. I cross the street.

It's no longer nonsensical to me. I'm seeing these little invisible vibrating lines around everything including everyone. Read them and weep, it's all lies, but oh... gracious, they are singing to me.

But by far the best thing is suffering, reading on, reading through. Finally a meaning or two slips out, OH CRY! how it collides! This meaning you have created, [re]daer reader.

Not important:
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Guide [PDF]

Sigur Rs - 18 Seconds Before Sunrise [fan site] includes lyric translations, which are not nearly as disappointing as I had surmised. I likes.

Don't forget, you should prolly watch Sigur Ros live once.

The electricity is gone                  Rafmagni bi
I want to cut                       Mig langar a skera
And slice myself to death    Og rista sjlfan mig  hol
But don't have the courage             En ori a ekki
Rather turn myself off            Frekar slekk g  mr
Alone again                                 Aleinn  n

"New Batteries"                            "N Batter"

Tuesday, June 6, 2000
01:08 a.m.


My boss hates bureaucracy
- D Fitch

Just when you thought I had no culture, I must highly recommend Deutsche Grammophon's Chopin Edition boxed set.

Wait, I'm still crass and uncultured. Drat. More Yosemite Sam sounds for your edutainment.

"You ornery fur bearin' rebel, you'll pay for this!"

Very interesting bit from Genehack: HavenCo safe data harbor.

Do you know what I like? When you are an entry in a list for a while, and then suddenly gone. It's fun trying to figure out what you did. So that it can be done all the more; the cancers They send won't expect that!

Over the top SciAm: Ray Kurzweil - Your Bionic Future

'So Be warned Puny Humans. The monkeys are coming.
 Join our cause now or sentence yourself to death!!!'

      - The Monkey King

Monday, June 5, 2000
02:14 a.m.


At least it's a nice day spinning
- D Fitch

So disorganized; not budgeting time well. The weekend is gone, and I didn't finish any of the books I was working on. Welcome, Monday. Large chunks over the weekend, if you care.

Yosemite Sam sounds and other Looney Tunes .WAV files.

"Any one of you lily-livered, bowlegged varmints care to slap leather with me?"

More ASCII stuff:

The Tulip of Amsterdam

Growing flower animation

False reflections remind me of some Hofstadter

IE only: Chameleon dines out from Ascii Art Theatre [which mostly involves things dying, unfortunately].

Web Game Zone: Console game rentals over the web, through the mail. Dare I say, right on? Now I can try all those Dreamcast games that are really fun for a day or two without getting bored and wasting cash.

Plus, they do imports for cheap. Yet another "why haven't I heard of this?" thing.

"Working at the factory, yeah
 Watching the conveyor belts, yeah
 I think I really want a lunchbreak
 M U S T   P R O - G R E S S ..."

                    - Frodus [again] - "Factory Six"

Sunday, June 4, 2000
03:06 a.m.


Word unto the matrons
- D Fitch

An Advertising Adage:
"Drink milk, get famous!"

Today's collection is so long, I think I'd best give you links to the sections in the very likely case you don't care about some things.

Manuals for huh?

Kent Brewster - In the Pound, Near Breaktime

This is science fiction? No, just speculative. If you enjoy good twisty second-person prose, or other forms of life; say, pets... read this.
You take down his name, address, and closest cross-street, and pass a Form Number One across the counter. "Read and sign this, please." Simple, direct, and brutal, the form says that the signer gives up all claim on the animal and understands that it has essentially no chance of being adopted during its seventy-two-hour reprieve before being destroyed. People who change their minds do so now, or never.

He signs, quickly, not reading the form.
On the other hand, if you crave strange scary scifi I've been reading some Tim Waggoner shorts. Don't bother with Preserver, which starts well on a collage note but goes terribly downhill. But certainly pay a visit to On the Skids in Another Dimension -- somewhat disgusting, but very worthwhile.
Here comes one of them, tinking away. I used to run. Now I don't see much point in it. They always find me, sooner or later. So I stand and wait while the thing glitters to a halt. They usually smell ripe, but this one would make a maggot turn up its nose. It just sits there, the shards of glass sticking out of its putrid flesh glowing bright white. It starts tinking loudly. They always say something to me before they do it. What, I don't know.

Then the tinking stops.

God help me.

Pictures with words:

Fasthack now has a fresh ASCII design. Is it a trend? A freaky one! Let's look at some ASCII for a bit, alrighty?

Islands of Danger: Very cool text-mode game which I had not seen before, "back in the day". At first, I thought it was too easy; then the missles started evading my defenses and I grinned. To try it, you'll either need a Windows machine or a DOS emulator that can do 40-row screens. The programmers no longer have a page about it, which is too bad; I'd like to try the challenge of the extended versions.

Here's a simple nonlinear abstract wordart thang I doodled stupidly:
i s   y   o r   e x i s t e n c e       
t o   o   c o n d u c t   w i s e
 ___  u  _______ _______ _______ 
|   | r |_     _|    ___|    ___|
|   |___ _|   |_|    ___|    ___|
|_______|_______|___|   |_______|
t a n g l e s   o r   n   s a y s
  e n t w i n i n g   d   m i n e
 _______   ___________   _______
|       | |    __     | |       |
|abstain| |   |  |    | |forlorn|
|_______| |___|  |    | |_______|
 _______       __|    |  _______
|       |  p  |    ___| |       |
|believe|  a  |   |     |forgive|
|_______|  r  |___|  a  |_______|
 _______   t   ___   v   _______
|       |  a  |   |  o  |       |
|cheapen|  k  | B |  i  |forever|
|_______|  e  |___|  d  |_______|
This incredible ASCII editor has so many nift features and such, I don't want to bore you with them all... but it does image OVERLAYS and everything! Incredible, truly, if you at all want to play around with the form this is the editor to check out. Wow.

I'm using it to mangle a Dali for the new links section. If you guess which Dali, you win a prize!

It can do freeform text shaping much like my old Guernica interpretation. Neato spiralling text as well.

Ooh, here's a nice color HTML Picasso. [May require IE] Not drawn, programmatically created; still grand. Also see a different work in progressive steps.

Engrossing semi-related page: Convert an old 9-pin printer into an ASCII-Scanner The site has a tongue-in-cheek disclaimer expressing that if you want to view it, you should contribute. Some of the visitors' payment is quite nice.

Now the suits have us for sure!

Metallica's New Album is Napster-Proof. This came from everywhere, but I like to see journalists getting down to the bottom of things. Hmm, also 1-877-APE-STOMP!

The Dada Hat Company, home of cartoon jollity.

Things I do not understand:

1. Gallagher, comedian [?] 2. Chopin, 3 Nocturnes op. 9 ... ["aspects of ternary form?" what?] although, not understanding, is beautiful.

Saturday, June 3, 2000
06:20 a.m.


Thought balloon:
- D Fitch

While walking down the street, sun shining, I thought about the light bulb passage towards the end of GR. Taking it only as a bit of prose. When did the analogy of it smack me between the shoulder blades? I fell to my knees on the sidewalk as ants frantically tried to lift the world from them. Can't stop the twitching, my teeth are grinding, WHY -- hoping the comedy of it all hits before the shaking shatters the weekend when we're all supposed to sit, happy, in the shimmering sunlight, forsaking imitations of styles for a straightforward stupid grin that WILL NOT WIPE OFF.

Judith@calamondin, a regular refrain, brings The Cat Flash cartoon. Yes, I am attempting to learn Flash. Not to be flashy, but for the same purpose; cartoons. It's hard and I stink at it. The Cat is good watchin' though.

Hokay, time for rock.
Get out that one album that makes you thrash around so violently you fall out of your fancy chair, to the floor, twitching happily.

I would like to remind anyone tuning in that the Minutemen still rock. Also, Husker D.

The vein:
The defunct Rosewood Union label in Britain collapsed after releasing a gem: The Feud vs Yr Universe. It's a towering monstrosity, music which actually does attack perceptions. Fits the mood, a bit funky, confusing the animals... for those wishing their post-rock [sad definitions] would get fuzzier, spazzier, usw.

On the other hand, for the loop-based live set portion of the spectrum, the vibraphone-swallowing Dylan Group does wonders with the sort of music I can't stand when it's electronic. Real instrumentation is important for me ears, darlin'. "Running in Paris" is entirely un-France, but is a super tune for walking to. Swirly reverbed vibraphones ahoy!

Check the one minute mp3 sound samples at Bubble Core Records for some Dylan Group, some Him [Doug Scharin!], and Mice Parade -- you might like that too, I'm int'rested.

Frodus interview from AAH which is really quite entertaining. Turns out they played with Refused at their last show:

Kurt: I always heard about the last show that they played--

Nate: In Harrisonburg?

Kurt: Was that pretty funny? I heard that as they played "Rather Be Dead" the cops were dragging them out.

Nate: They didn't drag them out, but the cops came in and unplugged everything. It was an intense moment because it was a very small space and it was very, very, very packed and the cops made their way through to the front and they unplugged everything rather violently with their big flashlights and they were all like, "Everybody get the fuck out of here!" And the kids started chanting "Rather be alive!" and they kept saying it. There was a really tense moment. It was almost scary. It was sublime.
Another old one if yr interested.

"Content as long as they have laptops and lattes
 Now they want to sleep so tomorrow may begin...
 Identity lost to a sterile utopia."

               - Frodus - "Lights on for Safety"

Friday, June 2, 2000
01:12 a.m.


- D Fitch

Leadoff batter?!
Sebastian over at the Signal Drench is attempting daily reviews and content, in addition to the monthly columns and such. 4 reviews? One man? Sounds like a course headed straight for blood pressure trauma to me, but he's managing superbly thus far. I enjoy this old Rachel's remix too.

Apathy rock tomorrow.

And the void:
Via JY: Y3K, where ideas are dead fashion. I am drawn in by the general uselessness of it all, which includes a random text box or two. Sometimes it has an interesting anecdote about apes.

Consider that video games are cathartic:
Complexities of Ivy's Summon Suffering in Soul Caliber. *boggle*

Recently read:
{subnotes} History of Plunderphonics
{genehack} Bruce Sterling - The Hacker Crackdown
{bovine} Douglas Adams - How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Internet

Someone at Soundesign points out that drew's writing is reminiscent of mid-period Cardhouse, I think Mark Simple perhaps? May I remind you that the main Cardhouse archive is available for browsing, even to this very day.

Full blab mode:
Electricity is nice, yes? Get to play the fun game of "what in the freezer might still be edible?" after the latest storm bashed minivans with the wrath of scrawn and mourning. Terribly unorganized in everything. Writing, reading, thinking. I finished Gravity's Rainbow and my eyes won't stop blinking.

Oh, and I guess I am expected to follow some trend about tantrums and losing the Blog-Off. Frankly, I don't care about the voting... had a blast -- both finding links, and baffling at Jon's [obviously superior] sports rocket.

'Oh, I am just a student sir, and only want to learn
 But it's hard to read through the risin' smoke
 From the books that you like to burn.
 So I'd like to make a promise and I'd like to make a vow
 That when I've got something to say, sir,
 I'm gonna say it now.'

        - Phil Ochs - "I'm Gonna Say it Now"

For travelling backwards through time, guest week!