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Cynical hysterie hour



The Story of Ubu

Can you believe Mister Thomas is (pretty much) still at it? Read his Media-Priests of the Big Lie for some very smart, kind deconstruction of Elvis.

"And I stand at the window and I can see how the days will cycle round this way and how the week's events will proceed with a satisfying inevitability, and I say to myself -- No, I say to you -- You be the judge -- Oh, citizens, how CAN I leave the Right Here, the Right Now when clearly it's all happening RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW?"

What did you learn last summer?

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5-Card Nancy [non-explanation]



Margaret has dubbed me Crazy ASCII Guy. I cannot take this duty lightly, and am seriously considering the old thought of making the entire durn weblog based on fixed-width layout. If nobody tells me not to, I think it'll be fun.

Anyway, she is on a roll with her pita. Plus it is green! You should visit now while it is still green.

Nothing to add on the journal topic, because as noted: "Online journals are weird". Precisely.

me apeman
me parody


Small townsfolk, band together against the evil urbanite coalitions!



Classic Guide to Strategy, Volumes One and Two: The CD re-release on Tzadik has everything except for the 5th track from Two, "Yano Akiko". Perhaps someday someone will let me know where I can find a copy of said recording.



System sore



It's one of the best uses of the internet for archival I've seen yet. If anything ever deserved a re-link, this would be it. Listen to the updated Big Broadcast mp3 archive for all sorts of early twentieth century tunes. Now, with Rich Conaty talking about early jazz.






Somehow got on a live mp3 roll. Dig:

Mogwai Radio One sessions and a video for Summer

GYBE! live mp3s
Includes their collaboration with Low on "Do You Know How to Waltz", grab now if the 25 meg size doesn't frighten you away! Soothing.

55 words
by flu


My stomach feels touchable through the small of my back. Paper thin, I avoid touching walls for fear the gate will burst open. Is my brain still recieving oxygen? Is it me trembling, or is that the wind of souls? I send a signal to my legs. Why am I still standing straight? Must lie down...



The decimal has relented



Nick is back on the beat, and points out: what are people asking Jeeves? This is infinite entertainment, in easy-to-swallow pill form.

the past


Tracked down the Dianogah song-posting list URL. Digging through the noise for those golden nuggets of signal, I clipped some Unattributed Highlights:

I Am The Aardvaark Fairy, Here To Protect All The Little Aardvaarks Of The Forest
Good Evening, Admiral [Ed: Haha! Slint joke! Haha!]
Let's See Some Facial Expressions Which Begin With The Letter "O"
My Eyes! The Goggles Do Nothing!
Those Aren't Pillows
I've Lost My Appreciation For Lincoln Logs
Bill of Rights Blues Jam
They Have Monkeys Like We Have Squirrels



In the Link I Only Clicked on Because I am Stupid category, I give you: THE HANSON UBB. No, don't visit. I just like the reminder that there are some places on the web I will never explore. And I don't wanna.



HeadHunters 3 interview. HeadHunters being a Quake modification wherein one slaughters opponents, gathers up their heads (accumulating as many as possible), and sacrifices the basket of noggins to the unthankful God of Head Collecting. I recall when this came out for the original Quake, and your string of heads would trail little red squares of imaginary blood across the level. Ahh, the olden days of yesteryear, when I was a headhunter deep in the jungles of the Congo.



Time for some tunes, for those of you blessed with bandwidth or an extra phone line to download over.

Flying Saucer Attack has always been simple guitar drone layered under noise sediment and bass rumbling. On the new album, "Mirror", the concept is scrapped for a few songs and the guitar and vocals come through marred only by severe reverb. Progress from soft to rumble:
Flying Saucer Attack - Suncatcher.mp3 [2.6 megs]
Flying Saucer Attack - Chemicals.mp3 [3.2 megs]
The FSA debut LP is selling for $65. Funk dat.

Next, let's do a little Neutral Milk Hotel. I'm not sure what exactly this is, but you will not regret listening to these two tracks from the perfect Aeroplane album. Communist Daughter keeps things quiet, and onward into masterfully scripted rock we go.
Neutral Milk Hotel - Communist Daughter.mp3 [1.9 megs, has a snippet of the last song on the end - oops]
Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea.mp3 [3.2 megs]

You may have heard me blabber about these vicious kids recently. Craw is best described with their adjective "unsettling". Probably best to tread a wide path if you don't like math rock or are unsure. Let me draw a mental picture in your mind.

Craw is like cutting your wrist. No, not like that, you wussy. Cut it all the way off, and cauterize the end. See that fish flopping over there in the mud? Clamp the mouth around your once-useful stub and start playing a guitar with the angrily flopping tail. Shout your aggression, but be thoughtful in the method of Job and the general self-persecution of humanity.

Here is the beginning and end of their masterpiece of narrative: Craw - Treading Out the Winepress.mp3 [7.7 megs]
Craw - Days in the Gutter/Nights in the Gutter.mp3 [11.3 megs]

i want
my baba


Sorry about the fact that I had no revelatory Lewis Carroll link. Been busier than the only white rat in a blacklit radiation testing factory. Updates will be weak-kneed, on a more inane level than usual, and possibly even sporadic. gasp from the imaginary gallery... Use the handy new service at Spyonit to track if necessary. (yeh, right)

However, there will be new issues every Sunday for you to puzzle over. That is the law.


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